BE Co-Founder Monir Islam’s Tried-and-True Ideas to Mentor Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

BE Co-Founder Monir Islam’s Tried-and-True Ideas to Mentor Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Mentoring ensures that experience, knowledge and hard-won insight transfers from one person to another through individual interaction over time. As rightly said by Monir Islam, at its core, being a mentor is being a trusted advisor. It may signify a lot of different things, but ultimately it all boils down to making yourself available to support and guide someone when they need it, delivering that support in a way that makes sense to them, and always keeping that person’s best interests in mind.

The Islam Brothers had a stirring experience in co-founding BE, a disruptive technology company, that helped them to transform the lives of thousands of people who can now live, learn and work successfully. The founders were profiled by Forbes as young and talented entrepreneurs who set up an advanced digital ecosystem that enables for people to get ahead in life.

Moyn and Monir Islam play a big role in inspiring and guiding several budding entrepreneurs who are now perfectly allied with their values to scale higher and be closer to their vision. Their niche is that they market their unique digital products in the domain of e-learning, forex, online travel, and lifestyle using ethical network marketing strategies. Time and again, they caution others to be careful of not getting involved in easy scams or falling prey to marketing strategies based on a pyramid scheme which does not really involve a sale rather just focuses only on squeezing money. The Islam brothers believe that good ethics, an enabling business culture and talent contributes to their winning strategy.

Here are a few mentoring tips offered by Monir to increase the efficiency and morale of the young entrepreneurs in the network marketing field:

Be Genuine
For Monir, being a great mentor means showing your mentee your genuine self. By cultivating a personal relationship with their mentees, Moyn and Monir open mentorship up to being more. They think that their personal life is always going to be part of their professional life — and if the mentees feels comfortable letting them know when something great or stressful is going on with life, in or out of work, then it fosters a stronger relationship and better working environment.

Scope for Skill Improvement

For Monir Islam, net worth is not business profits but meeting their mission to provide ample opportunities to people to progress and advance within the company. Based on the skills, desires and interests that people have, they facilitate their learning and progress.


As mentors, the Islam brothers are strict with their mentees but are also empathetic to the challenges they the latter is experiencing. Monir feels that it is important to think back of their training experience and how it felt to learn and retain so much information each day. Showing empathy builds trust and allows the mentees to openly share their challenges, frustrations, concerns so that the Islam brothers can support the mentees as they work towards a successful outcome.

To summarize, they introduced a robust process that gives everyone a scope to learn and improve their proficiencies by creating personalized value-added interactions and experiences.

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