For Monir Islam and Moyn Islam, Net worth is Not Business Profits but the contribution they make to the lives of others

For Monir Islam and Moyn Islam, Net worth is Not Business Profits but the contribution they make to the lives of others

Although it is certainly desirable for a company to pursue profitability as a goal, the entrepreneurs must also have an understanding of the environment within which their business operates and of how the wealth that they create adds positive value to the world. In return to society to incorporate and engage in business, entrepreneurs must imbibe a reciprocal obligation to do what is best for as many people as possible. Therefore, when applied specifically to business, it implies that companies must give back to the society that permits it to exist, hereby, benefiting the community at the same time it enriches itself.

With the disruptive enterprise BE, the young co-founders Monir Islam and Moyn Islam pursued maximizing their net worth based on the positive impact that they created in the lives of people and the community at large and not just business profits. “I wanted to become someone to make a real difference in the world of entrepreneurship. That’s when I realized that for me to become this person, I needed to learn a lot and put myself in an environment that will stretch me to grow,” said Moyn Islam, the CEO and Co-founder of this talked about technology company.

Specifically speaking, the Founders of BE believed in creating opportunities by providing powerful digital tools, accessible for everyone. As quoted by the BE founders- “You have your why. We have the how.” These impactful solutions are to empower not only people’s mindset but also improve their livelihood in general. BE’s products are diverse and cater to e-learning, travel, programs such as Machine learning, Forex trading, etc. and have become a holistic system that improves an individual’s skills and mindset and provides them with an opportunity to become successful, travel the world and live their dream life.

In the marathon of a startup’s life and in their entrepreneurial journey, Monir and Moyn learnt valuable lessons about how companies grow and the need for passion, resilience, and above all creating an impact that holds significance. Today they share those invaluable tips through personalized, invaluable interactions with the budding entrepreneurs and a series of coaching lessons for anyone who wants to improve their proficiencies.

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