Key ways to stay abreast of marketing trends and technology and its importance

The biggest professional concern for all individuals and businesses in marketing today is lagging behind the technological line. Marketers in the digital business environment are highly software-reliant in creating, automating, analyzing, and managing their promotional activities; hence staying ahead of the technological trend does not sound like an option for marketers. Causey (2022) recommends three educational-based platforms, DataSift, Convince & Convert, and iGoDigital, that can help individuals and businesses stay abreast with the latest marketing trends and technologies.

DataSift offers marketers a great insight into the new trends in events, products, subjects, and activities through the accumulated and anonymized social media data. Specifically, DataSift is a podium where marketers can easily find, filter, and mine information among the billions of conversations on social media happening across the globe. DataSift leverages data from major social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Tumblr to power hundreds of data apps and analyses across different business sectors. With DataSift, marketers have access to millions of user data and the platform has recently been updated to allow access to user data to a select group of marketing companies. 

Marketers can also rely on iGoDigital, a major “Predictive Marketing” cloud giant, to keep up with trends and technology. iGoDigital is a powerful way to keep up with marketing trends and technologies because it provides web-personalization options that deliver detailed, predictive, and workable real-time brand recommendations and online guided selling points. iGoDigital allows its marketers to observe consumer behavior, analyze them online, and ask specific questions via the guided selling website to create accurate consumer profiles that can power across-channel optimization and personalization. Lastly, marketers can use Convince & Convert to stay abreast of marketing technologies and trends. Convince & Convert creates blogs and resources that helps marketing companies to develop better strategy and skills for content and social media marketing. 

The importance of keeping up with the latest trends and technology is to stay afloat of the changing market factors including the demand and expectations of the customers. Keeping up with the latest trends such as fashion increases the relevancy of the company and customer appeal and sets the company at par, ahead of its competitors. On the other hand, keeping up with recent technology can affect how consumers reach e-commerce, or impact the company’s growth projects. Technology can mean new markets, create new merchandise, and introduce new ways to give marketers a possible lead over the online competition.

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